Living Our Faith

Reflection By Rev. David Tin

How do you see yourself living your faith through your daily actions?

It is the little things we do each day at work, at home and in the community. Share a laugh, meet for a coffee, spend a little time to lend a helping hand. Every action and every word counts.

Why do you feel it’s important to live generously in this way?

When I arrived in Canada by myself at the age of 16 on a student VISA, I was quite lonely and anxious. On my first Christmas in Canada, a couple invited all the VISA students at my school to their home for Christmas dinner. They treated each of us with a whole lobster. Not that I am a fan of lobster. But they are an angel to me and have shaped my life, my work and my ministry. I can share more stories that my congregation and I have encountered. Love and generosity are contagious and can change a person’s life. This is Welcome Angels Ministry. Welcome Angels – YouTube

What would you say to others who want to live generously and live their faith?

A rock being cast into a pond will cause some ripples on the water surface. It dies out eventually.
Love and generosity are a seed. For a while, the seed may lay in darkness. Eventually, it grows, breaking through the soil bearing life and gives life.
Welcome Angels: We are the angels welcoming others. We are also receiving angles into our midst that will bring us joy, strength, and becoming our community.