Canada has much to offer in terms of sports, leisure and cultural activities. Whether you wish to find familiar leisure pursuits or try something new with your spare time, there are huge benefits: from improving mental health to helping to build stronger community bonds.

Many Canadian citizens enjoy spending time in nature. Hiking, fishing, camping and star gazing are popular things to do. Children loves to play sports as a hobby, for instance, hockey and skiing are many people’s favourite winter sports.

Shopping is another popular leisure activity: from local stores to large shopping centres to online shopping and farmers’ markets. There are many museums, art galleries, and other attractions. Many of these are free to enter, although there may be charges for special exhibitions.

There are also many historic buildings, gardens and special sites you can visit. Some are free, and some charge for admission.

Look out for festivals and special events from Valentine’s Day in February, Canada day in July, Thanksgiving Day in October, Christmas celebration in December. Gradually you will learn to love the life and activities in Canada.


加拿大在體育,休閒和文化活動方面有很多可以提供。無論您是想找到熟悉的休閒活動還是想在業餘時間嘗試新事物,都有巨大的好處 – 從改善心理健康到説明建立更強大的社區紐帶。