All of us need community. There are thousands of organizations, churches and interest club across Canada who are excited to welcome you to their neighbourhoods and interested in helping you get settled. You can seek help, share interest and learn a new skill through these social organizations. Engaging in the wider community is a way to cultivate a sense of home in Canada. Or simply a random kindly act to your neighbour, such as get to know your neighbours and help them to shovel snow, or actively participate in a volunteer work will make your life here more colourful and wonderful. You will soon find that you are part of a community, and you are a precious contribution to this society. Welcome angels are there to help you connect with wider community.


參與更廣泛的社區是培養加拿大家的感覺的一種很好的溝道。又或者對鄰居一個簡單的善意行動, 去認識您的鄰居並幫助他們鏟雪,或積极參與義工工作,將使您在這裡的生活更加豐富多彩。你很快就會發現,你是一個社區的一部分,你是這個社會的寶貴貢獻。 接待天使會幫助你融入你的社區裏。